Chesapeake PSR Praised for Clean Energy Work August 2, 2018

The Baltimore Sun newspaper in a recent editorial applauded Chesapeake PSR for calling out the “hypocrisy” of Maryland’s renewable energy practices and welcomed the chapter’s new report, Unbundled: How Renewable Energy Credits Undermine Maryland’s Transition to Clean, Renewable Energy.

The report critiques Maryland’s policy of allowing utilities to buy huge shares of out-of-state renewable tax credits to meet their Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). This has held the state back from investing in clean energy, particularly offshore wind, where Maryland has the potential to become an industry leader.

The editorial also cited Chesapeake PSR’s work against Maryland’s “cleanwashing.” Maryland falsely categorizes as renewable such heavily polluting sources of energy as incineration of trash and “black liquor” (paper-making wastes).

Congrats Chesapeake PSR for your impressive work!

Read the editorial

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