Magritte Gordaneer

Magritte Gordaneer is the Lead Organizer and Policy Coordinator of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program at PSR. She has over six years of experience in campaigning for nuclear disarmament.

She was named one of fifteen UN Youth Champions for Disarmament in 2024 out of over 1000 applicants from 128 countries. Before joining PSR, Magritte completed policy and research internships with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons as well as the Forum on the Arms Trade and Arms Control Association. Additionally, she served as Program Coordinator of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Canada for three years. She is Policy Co-Coordinator of Youth for TPNW, dedicating much of her work to engaging more young people in nuclear abolition. Magritte is a Mine Action Fellow with Mines Action Canada, attending and lobbying at international forums on the humanitarian impacts of landmines for the past five years. Her motivation for this work lies in her experiences learning and hearing from survivors of nuclear weapons.

Magritte holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with dual minors in History and Social Justice Studies from McGill University.