Ann Suellentrop, MS RN

Ann joined the PSR national board in January, 2024. She is a Pediatric nurse, retired after a 45 year career working in the areas of public health, newborn ICU, general pediatrics and mother-baby nursing. Using her medical Spanish interpreter training, she participated in mission trips throughout Latin America. Ann has been involved in several groups working on peace and justice issues, particularly in El Salvador, Central America, and Colombia, South America. For the last 15 years she has been a Project Director for Physicians for Social Responsibility – Kansas City, working on issues regarding the KC Plant. From 1949 to 2014 this huge factory made 85% of the electrical and mechanical parts for nuclear weapons. In 2008 Ann became one of the leaders opposing the new plant, the National Security Campus, which opened in 2014 and now plans to double in size. For 15 years Ann has been part of a local coalition of peace organizations, called PeaceWorks KC, and has been active at the national level with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

Ann also enjoys singing in a gospel choir, playing the sax, painting and drawing.

Ann earned a Master’s degree in Maternal-Child Nursing from the University of Kansas Medical Center, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Avila University. Ann also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in photo-video from the Kansas City Art Institute.