Be a part of #CranesForOurFuture to support a nuclear weapons free world! July 22, 2021

The  Nuclear Threat Initiative and Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace—with support from PSR and many allied organizations—have organized a virtual #CranesForOurFuture Global Weekend of Action, August 6 to 9, concurrent with the anniversaries of the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the unifying spirit of this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, everyone is invited to share videos or pictures of a folded crane—a universal symbol of peace—on social media with a peaceful message and the hashtag, #CranesForOurFuture. By sharing, everybody who participates will be part of a peaceful demonstration of unity in the pursuit of a more peaceful, prosperous and nuclear free world. Additional details and instructions for folding paper cranes can be found on the campaign website at .

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