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Brian Campbell, PhD

Executive Director

Brian Campbell is the Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Before joining the organization in November of 2023, Brian…

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W. Taylor Carneiro-Johnson, MFA, DLS

Director of Administration, Operations & Finance

W. Taylor Carneiro-Johnson is Director of Administration, Operations & Finance at Physicians for Social Responsibility in Washington, DC. Prior to…

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Barbara Gottlieb

Director, Environment & Health Program

Barbara Gottlieb is program director of the Environment & Health Program, where she guides PSR’s national work on climate, energy…

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Paige Knappenberger

Director, Environment & Health Program

Paige Knappenberger is the Program Director of the Environment & Health Program, where she guides PSR’s national work on climate,…

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Martin Fleck

Director, Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program

Martin Fleck is the program director for the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program, where he develops and implements national campaigns for…

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John Chiuco

Director of Philanthropy

John Chiuco is the Director of Philanthropy for Physicians for Social Responsibility where he works with members and funders in…

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Zach Williams, MPH

Associate Director, Environment & Health Program

Zach Williams, MPH brings passion and expertise to his role as the Associate Director of the Environment & Health program,…

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Julia Morgan

Web Manager

Julia Morgan is the Web Manager for PSR, where she has managed the PSR website and email communications since 2006….

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Miah Hornyak

Policy Coordinator, Environment & Health Program

Miah Hornyak is the Policy Coordinator for the Environment & Health Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility. She has long…

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Magritte Gordaneer

Lead Organizer and Policy Coordinator, Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program

Magritte Gordaneer is the Lead Organizer and Policy Coordinator of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program at PSR. She has over six…

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Kenise Faho

Administrative & Finance Assistant

Kenise is a proud native of the District of Columbia. Kenise holds a dual degree in Sociology/Social Work from the…

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